Civil Engineering and Construction

Olgette Projects Limited is committed to providing high quality professional services in Engineering design, management, civil construction, electrical and mechanical installations and ensure total customer satisfaction at every phase of the project development.

Our engineering expertise include:

  • Asphalt Concrete Surfacing
  • Surface Dressing
  • Plants and Equipment Platforms
  • Drainage Systems
  • Construction of Jetties
  • Dams and Retaining Walls
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Domestic Building
  • Institutional Building (e.g. School, hospitals, Research Institutes etc.)
  • Swimming Pool

Our road construction services help you to understand the behavior of road materials in relation to expected loads and deterioration mechanisms.

We have the experience and expertise to test and assess the performance and durability of road materials and products.

We offer engineering services for all types of roadway projects including major interstate facilities, state and county roads, intersection/ interchange improvements, and resurfacing/ rehabilitations. We use an interdisciplinary team approach to provide a quality product that is delivered on time and within the budget.


  •     Road Planing
  •     Excavation and Reconstruction
  •     Kerbing and Drainage
  •     Stone and Block Paving
  •     Minor Building Works
  •     Assessment/testing of expansion joints
  •     Private Residential and Industrial roads built, refurbished or resurfaced
  •     Determination of the maintenance condition of existing roads, drawing up subsequent maintenance/repair plans